26_Selina Lo

Ruckus Wireless

Wi-Fi Dream Home

No one knows it yet, but the home wireless network is here. Ruckus Wireless has rolled out a technology that pings voice, music, photos, even high-grade video around a home Wi-Fi network (yes, it goes through walls). Ruckus controls anything that has an embedded Wi-Fi chip. And it won't stop there: When other appliances—not to mention heating and lighting systems—come Wi-Fi ready, Ruckus says you'll be able to log on to your homepage and preheat the oven from your cell phone. Broadband providers in Hong Kong, Ireland, and Italy have already signed on, and one U.S. company recently ordered 15,000 Ruckus boxes. Feisty CEO Selina Lo says, "Our biggest competition is disbelief" from carriers such as Comcast and Verizon. Those doubts may fade only after a Siemens or Alcatel snaps the company up. But when you're hanging the plasma over the tub in 2016—without punching a cable through the tile—you'll have Ruckus to thank.

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