48_Polyface Farm

The really pastoral family farm

Unless you live within driving distance of Swoope, Virginia, you'll probably never taste Polyface Farm's eggs, pork chops, or steaks. But if Joel Salatin's produce doesn't travel, his ideas sure do. Through books such as Pastured Poultry Profits, articles in farming magazines, and a lecture circuit that takes him from New Haven to Italy, he is showing farmers how to adopt the Polyface system. A third-generation farmer, Salatin began Polyface to "produce the best food in the world." That means pasture-raised food that "tastes, feels, and looks better," he says, keeping the land and animals healthy and selling directly to local customers. The result is a farm that serves 1,000 families and 30 restaurants from 800 acres. "I am absolutely bullish on the future of this kind of farming," Salatin says. "The weak link is the farmers who don't have the savvy to meet the challenge."

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