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Vaccines by the lungful

Here's a way to provide cheaper and safer immunizations worldwide using the same principle that powers the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Over the next decade, vaccines for the world's poorest 72 countries will cost $11.7 billion, according to a WHO report. But worse yet, it will cost another $23.3 billion just to train people to administer the shots and to make and dispose of the needles. Inhalers are easier and safer, but their many parts and pressurized contents make them expensive. Enter Cambridge Consultants, with a one-piece, 4-cent model. The secret: The contents are atomized by a reverse-flow cyclone created when the user inhales. While the inhaler still needs FDA approval, it has piqued the interest of more than 25 drug companies, says Brian Barney, head of drug delivery for Cambridge Consultants, since it could also be a cheap way to administer drugs for diseases such as asthma and diabetes.

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