Selling sustainability on the Web

It's The West Wing meets An Inconvenient Truth meets MTV Cribs. Or something like that. TV veteran and former West Wing producer Lew Wells is teaming up with the Rocky Mountain Institute to launch greenfit.com, a video-centric Internet channel that features informative yet entertaining stories on the green life. RMI has the sustainability know-how. Wells has the chops to do broadcast-quality material, which he says is sorely missing on the Internet. He envisions a series of three- to five-minute documentary-style pieces. "Change Agents" will introduce influential innovators and execs. "What It Means to Be Green" will take viewers on home tours conducted by celebs as well as ordinary Americans showing how they practice, and at times struggle with, a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. No disrespect to President Bartlet (or longtime greenie Martin Sheen), but Wells hopes to feature a new breed of activists with star power—"from a hip-hop star and NASCAR driver to Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt."

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