74. Gary Hustwit

Director and founder of Plexifilm

Gary Hustwit's new film, Objectified, got everyone's attention at this year's South by Southwest festival. So did the fact that he lost his iPhone at the premiere—a delicious irony for a man obsessed by design and consumerism. Objectified veers from musical montages of Ikea, Target, and Japanese retailer Muji to Tim Brown of Ideo and Karim Rashid pondering sustainability. Hustwit, 44, has clocked 20 years in DIY media, from band documentaries (Wilco) and an indie-record label to about 40 films that his company, Plexifilm, has released with no corporate backers. Just out: the first-ever authorized DVD release of Andy Warhol's films. — by Anya Kamenetz

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