64. Bart Decrem

Chief executive officer of Tapulous

Three days after its release last July, Tap Tap Revenge—an iPhone game that's basically Dance Dance Revolution except that you tap your fingers to a song rather than dance to it—shot to No. 1 among free game downloads on iTunes. It was testimony to the appeal of playing along to bands such as Coldplay and Dave Matthews Band. Within a week, artists were reaching out to Tapulous, the game's developer. Because fans can click through to purchase music from iTunes, CEO Bart Decrem notes, the retail ripple is quantifiable—for instance, 50,000 players headed to iTunes to check out Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" in October. Decrem has partnered with labels (EMI) as well as individual acts (Christmas With Weezer, anyone?) to create band-branded apps. — by Kate Rockwood

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