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Where Are They Now?

Tim Cook Rewards His Staff With Thanksgiving Week Off

On the back of a record-busting iPhone launch weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook has given Apple staff some time off.

[Image: Flickr user Mike Deerkoski]

Tim Cook has decided to spread some of his good nature around the company and has reportedly emailed all staff with a letter of thanks for their hard work during 2013's "exciting summer." As an extra thank-you, Cook extended the Thanksgiving holiday with additional paid leave.

Apple is going to shut down on November 25th through 27th so its "teams can have the whole week off." AppleCare and retail staff will get the same time bonus at a later, more convenient date.

Today Apple surpassed Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand in the world. Since Apple is a global company like it's never been before, its staff overseas will get the same bonus days but at a time "best suited for their specific country."

Cook is emerging as a very different type of leader than his famous predecessor Steve Jobs. In his letter to staff he took time to mention that beyond its mere products, "Apple is also a force for good in our world," and mentioned the working condition improvements the company has pushed for, and its commitment to environmental conditions and human rights. Cook haters are going to have a serious problem with this.