Facebook Is Eyeing Twitter's TV Audience

The billion-strong social network will start offering up its data—even from private posts—to the U.S.'s four largest networks.

Just a few weeks after Facebook announced a set of tools aimed to further its pursuit of news, it now has its sights set on TV. The plan is to offer up its data—even from private posts—to the U.S.'s four largest networks, in an attempt at loosening Twitter's strong grip on TV events. Each week, says the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will release its data to ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, which shows how many likes, comments, or shares a TV episode has inspired on the social network. These results will not be made public.

The firm stresses that the data is collected anonymously and shown as a whole. What Facebook is hoping sets it apart from Twitter is that it holds a much richer store of personal information on its users.

The first figures from Twitter's TV rating partnership with Nielsen will be out later today. The Facebook rival is also testing a feature that shows users which TV shows are trending in their timeline.

[Image: Flickr user Loozrboy]

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  • Edmund Singleton

    The television industry is a 'me too' industry, the only way to tell them apart to look at the on-screen logo. As soon as one network does something, in a months time it will be copied on all the others. One news station posted the time and temperature on their screen within a week they all displayed it too. Did anyone of the station managers ask the viewers if they minded, no, and so it goes...