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One Small Step for an Ad, One Giant Leap for Advertising

This month, Russia sends the 2014 Winter Olympic torch into space (cosponsored by Coca-Cola). NASA refuses ads, but Russia's Roscosmos shuttles are practically billboards.

[Illustration by Mikey Burton]



Giant inflatable Pepsi can

Cost to Advertiser: Reportedly around $1 million


Tnuva "long-life" milk

Cost to Advertiser: $450,000


Pizza Hut pizza with salami*

Cost to Advertiser: $1 million


Talking picture frame from Radio Shack

Cost to Advertiser: "Less than $20 million"


Lance Bass of 'NSync

Cost to Advertiser: $20 million—if anyone had sponsored him


Element 21 golf ball and golf club

Cost to Advertiser: $5 million


Next up: Olympic torch


*Testing proved that pepperoni doesn't hold up in space

A version of this article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.