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Starting now, we're bringing you a billion-dollar idea each month—free of charge! To kick things off, we asked serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis to send us any he might have had lying around:

Parents will spend a lot to provide their children with a quality education. Why isn't there a $99-a-month tablet app with a never-ending series of enrichment modules to inspire and educate kids, with a monitoring function that gives parents reports in real time?

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  • Gray Fox

    The idea of building learning digital applications to make kids pay more attention is not new. In the age of CD ROM programs, our kids ran through various math or geography or history lessons using treasure hunts or detective stories. The problem with this model is that is not sustainable. At some point, for the next chapter, the story becomes a template, the kids figure it out and their eyes glaze over to the next shiny thing and we are back to reading the books as we have, ever since the printed material has been invented (well, OK, we read the books on the iPad or Android / Kindle but we read them nevertheless..)