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Serve Yourself and Bars Save

The iPourIt system (expanding to 26 locations by year's end) is what it sounds like: Customers pour beer on tap, and a RFID wristband keeps track of every drop. Sounds like chaos—but maybe worth it?

The Benefits of Self-Service

27% On average, that's how much of every keg is lost to "overpours," mostly due to bartenders tipping beer out of heady glasses.

8:1 That's the ratio of foam to beer in a head once it collapses. But get impatient and dump it out, and iPourIt will charge you for the refill.

$88,614 By iPourIt's calculation, that's what overpours might cost in yearly revenue—money saved when bars monetize the whole keg.

[Image: Flickr user Robert S. Donovan]

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