Typo? Now You Can Edit Your Facebook Posts

Now you don't have to lose all those likes and comments just because you noticed a typo in your Facebook post.

A small but long-anticipated Facebook feature that lets you retroactively edit your posts is rolling out in a new update for web and Android today, with an iOS update coming soon. It's a first-world problem if there ever was one, but in the past, you'd have to delete an entire post (along with any likes or comments it amassed) if, say, you noticed a typo you wanted to fix. It's a handy feature for those of us smartphone users whose autocorrect often bests us.

What I want to know: When is Twitter going to build this feature? It's highly unlikely Twitter would ever build support for a retroactive edit feature—it would be all too easy to alter the course of your tweet history—but my sausage fingers would welcome it.

[Image: Flickr user theilr]

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  • Meagan McGone

    Does this work for Pages too? I can see that I'm able to edit my own posts on Facebook, but I'm not seeing that option for some of the Pages that I manage.

  • Mike

    Certainly don't mean to troll, but this feature should have been created from day 1. If Google Plus could create it off the bat, Facebook certainly could have. All the same, better late than never, I suppose.