For each of the 26 faces of the building, annual solar-heat gain was calculated and its louvers have been calibrated to the orientation of the sun to maximize temperature control and light.

The open Untied Bowtie staircase creates a social interaction space at Vanke headquarters. Daylight is provided by the large skylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Throughout the office's public interiors, color, together with the iconic shape of the building, creates a graphic character for China Vanke.

Hovering over a tropical garden, this "horizontal skyscraper"- as long as the Empire State Building is tall-is a hybrid building including apartments, a hotel, and the headquarters for Shi's China Vanke.

85. Wang Shi


As founder and chairman of Vanke, China's biggest real-estate developer (2009 revenue: $6.7 billion), Wang Shi could make a fortune off run-of-the-mill dwellings. Instead, the mountain-climbing enthusiast—he's conquered the highest peaks of all seven continents—uses his prowess for good, tapping starchitect Steven Holl to design an eco-friendly "horizontal skyscraper" headquarters for Vanke in Shenzhen, and Urbanus to build migrant workers' housing, inspired by indigenous tulou structures, in Guangzhou.

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