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Where Are They Now?

Twitter Recommendations For All! @Magicrecs Leaves Beta

Now you'll be able to find out when the next interesting person joins Twitter, via DM.

The algorithm worked. Twitter has announced on its blog that it is rolling out a feature for Android and iOS users that it has been testing in beta for the past few months. If you've been following the @MagicRecs account, then you'll know what this is all about, but if not, here's how the feature, described by various people as "impressive," "magic," and "sneaky good," works.

Say you follow lots of people in the tech world. When these eminent gadget fanciers start to follow someone new, you'll get a notification of this via DM. Say several of your iPhone experts favorite a tweet, you'll get a notification of that, as well. The @MagicRecs account will stay on, which suggests that the tinkering with the recommendations algorithm isn't done yet. Twitter says this: "We hope these recommendations keep you even more connected and in the know."

In short, this, my friends, is how you find out what the rest of your herd is doing on Twitter. And maybe it means you can be first with the news when someone with stature joins Twitter.

[Image: Flickr user Picture Perfect Pose]