A user noticed strange orientation kinks within the multitasking view.

Now, that's sloppy.

Notice the inconsistent font weights and baseline?

Icon and text overlap.

An issue with the Z-index, the notification number is sheepishly hiding behind the App Store icon.

Under time and behind the icons for settings and Safari is a user's account balance, according to Sloppy UI.

The low-battery notification is popping up too late.

Notice the overlap with the top-right corner.

That font size is far too big for its allotted space.

What's with the gray? This user also reported not being able to access contacts from voice mail.

What's with the red dot in the calendar?

More alignment issues.

The case of the missing keyboard.

An overlapping more button.

Is there more text after "Disable Background App"?

The music tab shows different icons before and after one selects it.

A square icon in a rounded-corner world.

IOS 7 Has Some Bugs, And This Tumblr Is Documenting Them

Apple, take note: The perfectionists using iOS 7 have noticed a few inconsistencies.

The iOS 7 operating system has been available to the public for less than a week now, but those who have upgraded have already noticed a host of bugs within the user interface.

Astute observers have been contributing screenshots to the Tumblr Sloppy UI, which has collected issues with misaligned pixels, Z-index, font sizes, and more. While Apple's known to strive for perfection, the company should take note of this Tumblr, which is, in essence, a growing to-do list of bugs to squash. Noticed some quirks while fiddling with iOS 7? Contribute your own via Tumblr or Twitter.

[Image: Flickr user Steve A Johnson]

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  • kieranterrier

    Hate iOS7. Wish I had not updated. Text messaging is completely screwed up and the geniuses (tried both Apple store and by phone) admit they don't have a clue as to what to do about it. The only thing they seem to be able to suggest at this point for any number of glitches is restore to factory settings.  I did so 3 times before I finally decided "good enough for now" because each time, some new problem arises. The current problems I can live with... the devil you know, ya know? I switched to Apple long ago to get out of PC-work-around-world but I seem to have landed right smack dab in Purgatory once again. 

  • Noam

    Some of these are either from the beta version or just don't exist. Take for example the "music" tab: it doesn't look like in the "selected" screenshot. Or the "sounds" icon that looks completely different in the final version, or the text message screenshot that was obviously taken while the animation was being played (the bubble moving into the thread).

  • Ben

    I'm experiencing keyboard freeze-ups for 2-10 seconds  in ios7 ... exactly what caused me to give up on my Android and get an iPhone 6 months ago.