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A Software Glitch Is Giving Wrong Prices For Obamacare

The government has less than two weeks to iron out the kinks in its insurance marketplace software.

Obamacare has hit a snag. The insurance marketplace that's supposed to launch in two weeks can't reliably determine how much people will have to pay for health care coverage, the Wall Street Journal reports. The government has until Oct. 1 to fix the issue, when the exchanges running its software will roll out in 36 states. The other 14 states will use their own software for their marketplaces.

Back in June, a Government Accountability Office report cast doubt on the administration's ability to execute on health care reform, saying "much remains to be accomplished within a relatively short amount of time." However, Gary Cohen in a congressional testimony Thursday displayed more confidence: "We may encounter some bumps when open enrollment begins but we'll solve them," he said. A Medicare spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that it is "confident" consumers will see accurate pricing on these exchanges come Oct. 1.

[Image: Flickr user jasleen_kaur]