Samir Arora, an Indian-born Apple alum and venture capitalist, set out in 2005 to do what no other media company had done: find a way to monetize the mushrooming female online audience. Rather than become a content creator or build a portal, Arora started Glam Media, a vertically integrated women's network of 1,500 blogs and Web sites that since 2007 has outpaced iVillage as the top Web property for women and finally turned a profit last October. Glam.com has grown its long-tail network by giving advertisers an effortless way to reach hundreds of micro-audiences, while increasing ad revenue for the hottest women's lifestyle and fashion bloggers by some 20% to 50% (revenues are shared with Glam). In the past two years, the Silicon Valley tech company went international and has even rolled out an analog for the unfairer sex--manly brash.com--as well as social-media site tinker.com.

Jennifer Sbranti

Blog: Hostess with the Mostess
Age: 32
Description: The party-planning prowess of Martha Stewart combined with the colorful creativity of Isaac Mizrahi

Natalie Zee Drieu

Blog: Coquette
Age: 37
Description: The front edge of fashion meets technology for the craftiest women and moms

Stephanie Rahlfs

Blog: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle
Age: 32
Description: Insider shopping for the gal whose sartorial ambition is more expansive than her free time

Kristopher Dukes

Blog: KristopherDukes.com
Age: 25
Description: High-style wares curated with the 'tude of a twentysomething L.A. fashionista

Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

Blog: Afrobella
Age: 31
Description: Lifestyle destination for women embracing their inner (and outer) Afro

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