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For its green dreams for trains, planes, and automation

GE is pumping $10 billion into the Ecomagination R&D budget over the next 5 years--effectively doubling the investment since its inception in 2005.

Photograph by: GE

A freight train leaves Atlanta traveling 25 miles per hour running GE's RailEdge Movement Planner software. At the same time, a 737 takes off from Chicago traveling 500 miles per hour running GE's Required Navigation Performance flight-path-management software. When will these two new ecomagination products—now part of a GE green portfolio generating more than $18 billion annually—create energy savings and productivity gains? Now. For example, GE client Norfolk Southern estimates it'll earn an additional $200 million to $800 million in productivity annually from its current locomotives and tracks once it rolls out RailEdge over its 21,000 route-mile network. All aboard!