Microsoft Pulls Its Terrible Anti-IPhone Parody Videos

The first rule of parody videos is this: If it's not funny, don't do it.

A series of videos poking fun at Apple's design process for the new iPhones has been withdrawn by Microsoft. The seven videos were released on Friday, just three days after Tim Cook and his executive cohorts unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, before a barrage of criticism forced the Redmond-based firm, which bought itself a well-known handset maker called Nokia earlier this month, to withdraw them. You can, however, still see one of the videos, which features "Tim Cook" and "Jony Ive," above.

A spokesman for Microsoft admitted the campaign "was intended to be a lighthearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we've decided to pull it down." The problem lies not in the attacking nature of the video, but in the fact that it simply wasn't funny—the tech equivalent of watching your uncle twerking at a family wedding. The firm is currently running a campaign that invites iPad users to trade in their tablets for a shiny new Surface.

These parodies come exactly a year after Samsung released the first spot of its own iPhone parody campaign, poking fun at Apple users with hopes of getting converts to its own Galaxy S3 smartphone. September is, of course, the season for this, as it is when Apple traditionally unveils its latest iPhone models. Nokia U.K. failed to hijack last week's event with its Breaking Bad-inspired Twitter campaign.

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  • Godmund

    This is on its surface an amusing commercial. It isnt bad. However, what it DOESNT do is move the market share needle. If you already own an iphone this commercial is saying you're a gullible idiot (usually when people tell me im stupid I rush to give them my money - or not). If you don't own an iphone this commercial doesn't have a phone to sell you. So... its more like a feel good session for people who hate iphones... thats an awfully expensive mirror to smile at. 

  • Stephen Abbott

    Why was this not funny. Oh... if you're an APPLE fan, it's not funny. Got it. No, this is freakin' funny, because it's so true. Colors? Really? Not even GOOD colors, dudes.

  • Chuckles

    And you're what? A Nokia Lumia fan? They ONLY come on those same "stupid colors". Apple was already making sleek, aluminum phones.

  • Stephen Abbott

    No. I'm not necessarily a fan of Nokia. It was just a FUNNY AD. The colors Apple chose are hideous.

  • Mark Steven

    Actually, I found them doubly funny because:

    1) They did a reasonable job of poking fun at Apple's lame new phone
    2) It was the creators of the risible Windows 8/RT doing the poking

    "Terrible"? Not so much. 

    "Daft and entertaining"? For sure.