McDonald's Is Testing An App That Lets You Order And Pay Via Smartphone

Want even faster food? There's a McApp for that.

Lovers of McDonalds who feel their fast food isn't quite fast enough could soon be able to order their burger-n-fries using a mobile app. The chain is testing a mobile payment app that allows customers to order and pay for their meal before picking it up. The app is being tested in two U.S. cities: Salt Lake City and Austin.

The app, aimed at teens and millennials, will also come with a side order of promotions, offers, and a loyalty program. Fast Mexican food chain Chipotle already has one of these. ( Perhaps we'll see a fake hack of McDonalds' Twitter feed shortly, similar to this summer's stunt from Chipotle.)

Expect to see some jostling in the (BBQ chicken) wings from competitors of the Golden Arches--one of Burger King's most recent innovations was a Rib Sandwich, very similar to McDonalds' McRib. And last year, the fast food firm tried an app that used a wave-and-pay system in Austria.

[Image: Flickr user Editor B]

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  • James Atkins

    Oh snap, you mean... all those employees complaining about minimum wage hikes don't realize they are easily replaceable and should shut the hell up?