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Women In Tech 2010


Cybersecurity Expert

When President Obama announced he was going to appoint a "Cybersecurity Czar" earlier this year, all eyes looked to Melissa Hathaway. The cybersecurity geek has worked in both government (Senior Advisor to the Director of National Intelligence in the Bush Administration, Chair of the National Cyber Security Group) and the private sector (Evidence Based Research, Booz Allen Hamilton). She studied everything from Eastern European economic issues to developing "a model to detect the routes and modes and to estimate the quantities of cocaine movement into the United States." But her work goes way beyond the theoretical—Hathaway was key in developing President Bush's cybersecurity policy, a $30 billion plan that spanned five years. Yet in mid-August, Hathaway ducked the apparent appointment to "Cybersecurity Czar," citing personal reasons. (Reports at the time point to friction over Hathaway's history with the Bush Administration.) Motivations for the move aside, Hathaway lost no speed in getting back to work; she's now a senior advisor to the Harvard Kennedy School's Project MINERVA, presides over Hathaway Global Strategies, and advises private firms, including Cisco.