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Women In Tech 2010


Founder of BlackWebMedia

"When you look at African American media, it's totally saturated with celebrity content," says Angela Benton, founder of BlackWebMedia. Benton is doing her part to change that with her focus on the technology and new media. Since 2007, she has built up a portfolio of sites, including the flagship Black Web 2.0 blog, the Young Black Professional Guide, the career-based Vocay, and the new politics site Politic365. Traffic across her stable of sites is up more than 100% since last year, and with arrangements to provide tech-focused content to, AOL's BlackVoices, and NBC Universal's The Grio, as well as an upcoming partnership with Microsoft, Benton's brand is growing fast. "Larger brands are really starting to see the value of African Americans in the technology sector," she says. "We're trying to make sure that African Americans in general are creators, not just consumers." BlackWebMedia will host its first conference, focused on new media entrepreneurship, in May.