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Women In Tech 2010


Publisher of "Daily Gotham" and "Culture Kitchen"

Liza Sabater has considered herself to be a digital rights activist since 1997, when her now ex-husband was sued by Mattel for trademark infringement (he produced digital-art parodies). "It was one of the first cases of that nature, and there were basically no lawyers that we could talk to," she says. "I had to become really fluent, very fast, on copyright trademark and patent law."

In addition to championing for digital rights, the former Latin American studies professor has also launched successful blogging sites: Culture Kitchen, which comments on the intersectionalities of culture, entertainment, politics, and technology, and Daily Gotham, a political site for New Yorkers. "After the 2004 election, I felt very strongly that we needed something to anchor grassroots politics here in New York," she says. "All the sites here—Gawker, Gothamist—are focused on gossip. We really keep an eye on local politicians, but ones that aren't regularly covered in mainstream press."

True to her activist roots, Sabater is helping organize the She's Geeky conference, which is planned for June in New York. "The whole startup scene is just so interesting," she says. "We want to encourage women to take part."