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Women In Tech 2010


Founder of OneForty

These days it's a more common story: Woman with a puttering career feels down on her luck, discovers this thing called Twitter, and leverages it just the right way to become a big success. Except Laura Fitton was the first to do it. Under her Twitter handle @Pistachio, Fitton found her niche as Twitter's expert marketer and started her company, Pistachio Consulting, later popping out a little book called Twitter for Dummies. Now she's flexing her tech-trend-spotting skills once more by founding OneForty (, an app store for Twitter. The service catalogs and curates the best extensions and apps for the microblogging service through a community of users who share and rate tools. Fitton has already gathered more than $2 million in funding. But as is evidenced on her own Twitter feed, "I am not a praying woman, but startup life, eeet makes me more contemplative and spiritual than I used to be." If anybody can make it work for them, we think it's you, Laura.