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Women In Tech 2010


Social Media Guru

It's not breaking news that being a participating member of the social Web is an important part of any successful business these days, but Gwen Bell proves that staying in tune with the digital world doesn't mean you need to be glued to your laptop 24/7.

Despite being a social-media guru and digital consultant (think: Nintendo and HP), Bell has managed to get a firm grasp of that slippery middle ground between her professional and personal lives. What's her secret? "Self control," she says. "It really comes down to setting boundaries, like checking email once a day or limiting myself to five tweets a day." What sets her apart from the slew of young, hip pro-Facebookers out there is that she not only translates the complicated language of social media, she also teaches technologists to unplug.

"I try to live a minimalist tech life," says Bell, who moonlights as a yoga instructor. Yoga and technology go hand-in-hand, according to her concept dubbed "Laptop Yoga," which landed her a book deal and infuses her popular blog. Now then, put down that iPhone, and breathe...