"Real gangsters don't use gold phones."

Nokia UK's corporate social media team used this photo of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White to poke fun at the new gold iPhone 5S.

"Imitation is the best form of flattery"

Nokia UK also got a kick out of this jab at Apple, for allegedly copping the color scheme of its own candy-hued Lumia line of smartphones.

Nokia Tries To Make Fun Of Apple's iPhone 5S: "Real Gangsters Don't Use Gold Phones"

Nokia is taking to Twitter to poke fun at Apple's new gold iPhone 5S. Funny, considering the company just sold its entire handset division to Microsoft.

During Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C today, the social media team over at Nokia UK was hard at work tweeting snarky comments about the new phones from its corporate Twitter account.

Nokia, which, as you may know, recently agreed to sell its handset division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, first poked fun at the iPhone 5C, which comes in five blinding candy colors, by pointing back to its own colorful line of Lumias:

It could have stopped there, but Nokia wasn't finished yet, this time calling on Breaking Bad antihero Walter "Heisenberg" White to get its message across:

The "gold phone" in question is this model Apple released today, which joins the classic black and white iPhone options:

Faithful Breaking Bad viewers may be familiar with (the very un-gangster) White's penchant for using numerous burner phones to communicate with his cohorts. It's funny, though—I can't recall any one of them being a Lumia.

Although some Twitter users were amused by the riffs, ultimately the joke seemed to be on Nokia:

[Image: Flickr user timsnell]

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  • Robmxa

    The Nokia 1020 is an awesome camera/phone with a real xenon flash. Build quality is far superior to iPhone or Androids. And the sale to MS is not final. We shareholders have to vote first.

  • Stephen Abbott

    Wow, three tweets against Nokia? Devastating. This article's author is apparently upset that the Nokia ads are clever and effectively "won" the day away from Apple, who's garish fluorescent phones pale in comparison to the more reasonable colors Nokia already did, and are hardly ground-breaking.

  • Jim_Being

    Fuck you're annoying. It's a tacky option, anybody who wants to can make fun of it. Apple claims that a dual led flash on a smartphone is ahead of its time, they deserve to be made fun of.

  • Jim W Jr.

     As somebody that has used Windows phones, Droid phones and iPhones, I don't think Nokia's jab at the iPhone is misplaced. Maybe a little irreverent, but they're correct in the assertion that Apple is making a really big deal about a lot of features that are simply catch up. Nokia has top of the line cameras built into their phones, HTC is probably second on this. iPhone would be way down the line on this. Android is probably the best at social sharing through every aspect of the phone. The iPhone would be second in this respect. Windows phone would be third. For maps, Droid phones would be best, Nokia here would be second, iPhone is deplorable. As far as form and design goes, Nokia was completely in line with making fun of Apple for playing catch up in bragging that the iPhone now comes in colors. Nokia has made a brand of breaking from the color phones. But, asserting that somehow calling out Apple for chest beating about playing catch up, I don't think that indicates that Nokia phones do not 'measure up.' In some respects, much like each of their competitors, they're best in class. It's just a matter of deciding what features matter to you the most. Nokia used a little social newsjacking and got the best of Apple for playing three-ring circus. Kudos to Nokia.

  • Robmxa

     Nokia is by far best in maps. Google is second and iPhone is last. Try Nokia's maps anywhere, don't try Google if you don't have cell coverage, you will get lost.

  • Jim_Being

    Funny you should say the iPhone is second in sharing when it's actually a very far third. Here's an example. I just asked my friend sitting next to me what happens when he hits share on a photo in his photo gallery. He got about five options to share to. You know how many my 1020 got? 16. Windows Phone is much more capable in the sharing department than iOS, they don't even have NFC.

  • Jim W Jr.

    On my Nokia Lumia, I have 10 options, which is still great. The one knock with some of the Windows Phone sharing which caused me to list it slightly lower was that some of that sharing is by proxy. For example, to share to LinkedIn, Twitter or some other services, you need to share it THROUGH your Live/Outlook account--not directly into the API. That said, Lumia does share well, just not quite as well as Droid. 

  • Jim_Being

    I'm not sure what you mean by that, mine just lets me share to twitter, Facebook or instagram.