Weekend Reading: An Oral History Of Apple

This generation's greatest business story is a design story.

If there is one thing that CEO Tim Cook doesn't want people to know, it's what dwells behind his company's "signature." As a result, most efforts to explain design at Apple end up reducing a complex 37-year history to bromides about simplicity, quality, and perfection--as if those were ambitions unique to Apple alone. So Fast Company set out to remedy that deficiency through an oral history of Apple's design, a decoding of the signature as told by the people who helped create it. Catch up with the series so far:

1992: "Here Lies The Guy Who Hired Jonathan Ive"

2000: "He Wanted To Control Everything That Touched His Product"

2001: "Then Apple's Design Became Experiential"

2004: "The Holy Of Holies"

Be sure to listen to this great interview with Max Chafkin, author of the Byliner/Fast Company original e-book Design Crazy: Good Looks, Hot Tempers, and True Genius at Apple:

And be sure to check in with our Apple announcement live blog on Tuesday, September 10th.

[Image: Flickr user Carl Berkeley]

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