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Intermedia CEO Apologizes For Services Outage

The world's largest cloud-services provider was out for several hours on Tuesday.

Intermedia CEO Phil Koen has issued a "profound apology" (his words, not ours) to customers and partners on the company's official blog after the world's largest provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange services suffered an outage for several hours on Tuesday.

The silver lining? All customer data is safe and secure.

"First, you should know that our services are now stable," Koen wrote. "There has been no data loss and there were no security breaches. And all of the emails that were sent to you during this issue will be delivered as the backlog is processed."

Intermedia offers a financially backed Service Level Agreement for customers to receive a credit toward future services as long as they open a support ticket within 72 hours of service interruption. However, the firm assured customers on its Twitter account that it will credit everyone who was affected by this outage.

These reassurances might soothe angry customers who took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to voice their outrage against the company's lack of communication about the outage.

[Image: Flickr user Scott Swigart]

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  • Joanie Mann

    Social Media is the new form of communication, and appears to be having more impact on business behavior than an email or letter to the company president ever did. Whether it is through personal interaction or on a public forum, social computing has given a voice to consumers around the world – and that voice is often an angry one.  In previous years, consumers would fight their customer service battles directly with the vendor – quiet battles that, more frequently than not, left the participant feeling like they were the only ones experiencing problems.  But not any more.  Social brings the conversation to the masses, and the masses are more than willing to speak up.