Uber Will Chauffeur NFL Players During 2013-2014 Season

The on-demand car service is going pro with a new NFL partnership that brings free rides to players this football season.

Add free Uber rides to the list of perks that come with being an NFL player. The on-demand private car service and the NFL Players Association today announced a partnership that will give ride credits to NFL players and their friends and family for the 2013-2014 season.

Starting this month, all active NFL players will each receive personalized keychain cards loaded with ride credits that will enable them to summon rides in any city Uber operates in internationally. Players will also get new rider gift cards for their friends and family.

The partnership marks both Uber's first foray into professional sports and the first time it has offered a special version of its services to a specific user demographic.

[Image: Flickr user John-Morgan]

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  • Tyler Anderson

    It's rather brilliant. The NFL Players association limits the black eye of player arrests for DUI's and Uber gets great exposure from professional athletes.