See The Leaked Screenshots Of Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch App

Notorious tech leaks outlet Evleaks has posted screenshots with details of how the smartwatch's management app will allegedly work.

Several days ahead of Samsung's September 4th debut date for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the notorious tech leaks outlet Evleaks has tweeted screenshots that tell us a bit more about how the smartwatch's complementary smartphone app will allegedly work.

The image indicates the Galaxy Gear will be equipped with both NFC and Bluetooth capabilities. It also appears you'll be configuring the watch through an Android app, similar to the way both the Sony SmartWatch and the Pebble watch work. And a "Find my watch" feature suggests the watch will come with built-in GPS.

There's still much we don't know, such as what kinds of apps Samsung will offer for the watch, but stay tuned—we'll have all the details come launch day next week.

[Image: Evleaks]

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  • Digi

    With no Apple watch to copy from I see this turning out to be a disaster for Samsung.

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