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Hawaiian Airlines Says "Aloha" To iPad Minis For In-Flight Entertainment

14 planes, 14 domestic and national routes, and 1,500 iPad Minis. But how many post-flight "accidental" device removals?

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it is to replace its in-flight entertainment system with a fleet of iPad Minis. It's the first American airline to do so, although the devices have been found on the other side of the cockpit door for a couple of years now.

The airline will offer the devices for $15 to passengers who pre-order—the same price as the outgoing in-flight entertainment charge, and $17 to those who don't. Business Class users will, of course, get the service for free. The service, which wouldn't have happened without the say-so of the FAA, will be rolled out on its fleet of 767-300 aircraft from September 1.

[Image: Flickr user eliduke]

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  • GooZ

    In case the headline writer is reading: "Aloha" can  mean both "hello" and "goodbye."

  • Artistmurthy

    That's exactly what I thought fact I thought it was goodbye till I clicked and read