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Jairek Robbins Is On A Quest To Make Your Life Less Ordinary

As the son of one of the world's biggest inspirational speakers, Jairek Robbins first walked across hot coals in his dad Tony's arms when he was just three months old. He's been inspired—and inspiring—practically ever since.

Jairek Robbins first walked across hot coals in his dad Tony's arms when he was just three months old.

While the spotlight might cause some people to retreat, Jairek is destined to use his influence and expertise as a performance coach to give back to the causes he cares about most.

Today, the younger Robbins can be found on stage hosting lectures and workshops for business audiences small and large. His focus remains simple, helping each client turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. What sets him apart from others in a crowded sea of professional presenters is his undeniable hustle, his passion for excellence, and his pay-it-forward attitude.

Just take a look at Jairek's online marketing efforts to get a sense of his dedication to making a name for himself and helping others. From YouTube to TwitterLinkedIn to Lift and beyond, he is using more than a handful of social media services around the clock to grow his personal brand, learning to do everything himself, from editing online videos to tweeting up a storm. As for sleep? Seems unlikely that he gets much.

When Jairek was 23 years old he received the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the U.S. Congress. Five years later, he can now be found traveling the globe as an in-demand keynote speaker. He supports a number of charities and nonprofits, such as the Student Partnership World-Wide (helping young people address urgent issues, including the education and the environment) and the Just Like My Child Foundation (empowering women and children through better health care, education, and microfinancing). He describes his involvement in causes such as these as "an opportunity to reexamine how we have all been playing the game of life so far and as an opportunity to step up and realign, reignite, and reapply all of who we are."

During our Skype interview, he shares what he learned on a trip to Uganda that changed his life, how he helps clients get business results, and the three people who inspire him to do better.

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  • rch427

    You wrote "When Jairek was 23 years old he received the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the U.S. Congress." The "Congressional Award" is a non-competitive award given to any 13-23 year-old American who volunteers a certain number of hours for public service. What Robbins got was the same thing that hundreds of other young people were given that year. He didn't "receive it from the U.S. Congress"; Congress has nothing to do with it beyond having approved the program and its funding back in 1979. The actual award is administered by a separate, private nonprofit.

    Robbins also claims on his Linkedin profile that he’s on the Board of Directors of the "Just Like My Child Foundation". That group lists all of the members of their Board of Directors, but Robbins' name isn't among them, nor anywhere else on their website.

    Of course, this sort of shady self-promotion is hardly uncommon nowadays, but people like you should do due-diligence before repeating misinformation supplied to them.

  • Jairek Robbins

    Hey RCH427 - Thank you for pointing out a much needed update to my linked in profile. Here is a link from Just Like My Childs web-site history that lists the board members at the time, feel free the check the dates.(

    As far as the Congressional award -- we received the Gold medal at the US capitol building from a member of congress. It is an earned award that I am proud of. My logic is that if there are 300,000,000 + people in the US and only a small handful have one it is worth sharing :)

    PS: you might want to check out my new book it is a #1 best seller on amazon in a few categories

  • David Scoggins

    Jairek - good for you for replying with class. RCH427 is clearly about tearing others down, looks like he was actually 'hunting' for you. Don't let this kind of tomfoolery distract you - I'm sure you won't, just letting you know that many of us are looking to learn more about you and how we can learn with and from you rather than seeking a way to undercut your hard work. Hope we get to learn together someday!

  • Chris Abrams

    Very inspiring.   Of course I knew of Tony Robbins, but didn't know about Jairek.  Look forward to learning more.

  • Farhad Kardani

    Jairek has helped thousands of people here in Japan since 2010.

    We've had the privilege of having him in Tokyo as a professional Speaker, a professional coach and a very effective business strategist.

    Jairek has changed many Lives in this country. He has also made a few of our clients actual millionaires by his strategic advise. Jairek is authentic and real. We are looking forward to continue working with him.

    Thank you Jairek for your hard work and dedication to life and helping others.

    PS:Thank you Amber for the inspirational interview. You are amazing.
    Love & Respect,

    From Tokyo.

  • Lizwin3

    Could it be as simple as "tell me your story" ? The story you tell about your life journey is your journey! If you have a fantastic story your life reflects it! If you want excitement add exciting things to your life to change your direction! The biggest gift Jairek's father and I gave to Jairek at a very young age was this! That YOU are in control of your life and DESTINY!!! Some simple guidelines, YOU are always where you are suppose to be! Pay attention to who you can help, and help often! Thankful was the woman who wanted to end her life and found her purpose after hearing Jairek speak. Thankful were the children in Uganda who later poured water over Jairek's head as he almost died of malaria twice!
    For the world returns your good deeds ten fold, so for those with a great hearts desire to help others, they live a very blessed life! I am very proud of you Jairek and in constant awe of your contributions!!

  • LouisaRelia

    The way Jairek and Amanda conduct their life and model compassionate (and fun) action is inspiring and adds ripples of joy to this world.  Carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Martin

    Having known Jairek for a few years now, it seems to me that being the son of a famous father -- especially in the same field -- can be as much of a burden as a blessing.  There are many things that impress me about Jairek -- including his sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of others, whether they live in California or Uganda -- but what impresses me most is that he has worked extremely hard to gather his own life experience, lessons and world view, when he could so easily have just echoed the teachings of his famous father.  As we see here in the comments section, there will always be cynics and skeptics, and people who refuse to even consider ideas which just might improve the quality of their lives.  For those who are a bit more "open-minded," I would encourage them to listen to Amber Mac's wonderful interview with Jairek and try some of his ideas on for size.  Speaking from my own experience, I can promise you that you'll be glad you did.  Thanks, Jairek -- and thanks, Amber!

  • Kendra Puryear

    I loved this interview. So inspiring! Each time I hear Jairek speak a new passion to learn, grow and become a better person is ignited.

  • Julie Keywell

    So thrilled to see Jairek here! There are very few in the field of personal growth and development who actually walk their talk. Jairek does - and is a shining example of exactly what TO DO with your life - find your passion, live it and give it.

  • Francesco Renzelli

    Jairek is a special person who has clear his personal "mission", inhale, train and lead people and companies to higher levels. The great impact that you can feel when you speak to him and put that in a systematic way so much value in various areas of his life that each of us would be foolish not to shorten the time to use his experience and have him as a coach!

  • Keith

    Those of you not familiar with Jairek should be. The Man is humble, focused and driven to change this world one life at a time! His deep-seated desire to empower you is second only to his love for human-kind. Jairek, congratulations and Blessings!

  • Nicky K,

    Jairek has such a great program with his Rapid Results Formula course and really cares and LOVES to help. Glad to see others are recognizing his talents and heart!

  • Mike Mataraza

    I actually have the pleasure of knowing Jairek in real life I have worked with him and we even shared an apartment when we were working together in Florida so I can truly testify to the fact that he is a man who more than most of the people I have ever met truly walks his talk and lives what he teaches.  He is always pushing himself to grow and finding the best way to get himself from where he is to where he wants to be so if YOU want to move from where YOU are to where you want to be follow him, get on his blog and use what he teaches!

  • Julie

    Great interview!!! Gotta love a man so grounded and real who is giving all he's got to help people live a truly extraordinary life!!

  • Katie

    Jairek's story is incredible and what's more incredible is the way he uses his life experiences to help others and share different perspectives based on the things he has seen and the people he has encountered. He is not only motivating but is genuine and not over the top in the way some people associate the cliche' of a motivational speaker. Jairek has a way of getting people to not only realize their true passion and potential, but also to set actionable and realistic steps to achieve their goals.

  • Starving For Wisdom

    Great article Amber - Jairek is really creating a name for himself. Keep it up brother!

  • Get Real

    If you can't be "self realized" as a privileged, wealthy, white person in this world, then there is truly no hope for you.  I'd love to know the difference between what he has "learned" (or, more likely been trained by his parents) and someone like Paris Hilton.  They are born into wealth, and simply have no concept of struggle, perseverance, or  hardship except from an outsider's perspective.  This kid is no more an authority on "life lessons" than any other entitled, or privileged country club brat who has learned how to mimic the words of his father.

  • Julie K.

    It would seem that it is exactly because he isn't like Paris Hilton that others in that position would want to model him. Further, just because you are born to parents or a family that has money, doesn't mean that you have privilege or money yourself.

    Your comment reflects more about you, than it does about Jairek.You might want to take a good, hard look inward.

    Sending you light and many blessings on *your* journey.