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Airbnb is using Vine for its latest marketing stunt: "Help shoot a first-of-its-kind short film made entirely of Vine videos."

#AirbnbHV #S1

"A paper airplane flies thru diverse landscapes, left to right. Show the best parts of where you live!"

"the sunny (and prickly) southwest"

Submitted by @daiisylee on Twitter.

#AirbnbHV #S2

"A paper airplane flies thru an urban area. It barely misses people on busy streets. No faces please!"

#AirbnbHV #S2

Submitted by @time_captain on Twitter.

Airbnb Is Using Vine Clips To Create A Short Film

The concept sounds similar to Ridley Scott's Life in a Day extravaganza, shot using YouTube footage.

The short-form social video industry is growing, and now, Airbnb is using the video app Vine to create what it claims will be the first ever short movie made from the six-second clips.

The Hollywood and Vines contest uses Airbnb's Twitter feed to distribute instructions for each shot. Once you've got your shot, you can share it using the hashtag #airbnbhv. Anyone whose footage is used in the final movie will get a $100 voucher to spend on Airbnb, and the finished oeuvre will be shown on the Sundance Channel.

Last month, Virgin Mobile announced that it would be bringing successful Vine videos of its #happyaccident hashtag to its next TV advertising campaign. And in 2010, YouTube teamed up with Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott to create his Life In A Day movie, which used footage from all over the world shot over the course of a single day—July 24, 2010. Expect Vine agent Gary Vaynerchuk's roster to increase substantially over the coming months.

[Image: Flickr user OuiShare]

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