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Yahoo Got More Traffic Than Google In July, And Not Because Of Tumblr

It's the first time the Marissa Mayer-helmed firm has owned the top spot since 2011. But can it monetize its traffic?

Yahoo is number one on ComScore's Web Property Chart, the first time it's been there in two years. The Sunnyvale-based firm has knocked Google, whose empire suffered a total outage for just a few minutes last week, off the top. Surely this must be linked to Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr?

Not according to ComScore, which ranked it separately, placing it at 28th. The metrics firm made a statement to the Marketing Land blog, saying this: "Tumblr is not currently included in the Yahoo Sites roll-up. Seems there are other factors at play, and given how close Yahoo Sites and Google have been in recent months it can likely just be normal seasonal/month-to-month fluctuations."

Going forward, the real question for Yahoo is: Can it monetize its traffic?

[Image: Flickr user Rainchurch]

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  • Crick

    Seeing that all the money is made via search not display (banner ads/pop-ups) advertising, I don't think anybody at yahoo should be genuinely happy.

    Claiming that yahoo is the #1 web presence in the US is sort of like saying McDonald's offers the best cheeseburger because they serve the most.

  • Rukoh

    >Yahoo tells everyone their old e-mail address will be deleted if they don't logon
    >everyone logs on because they have retarded friends with Yahoo accounts
    >Yahoo uses traffic to pretend it gets more traffic than Google