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Study: 42% Of Customers Prefer Comparing Items Via Mobile

Shoppers like looking on their smartphones, but buying in person.

Customers, it seems, are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to research the devices they're going to buy. Mobile engagement firm JiWire just released its quarterly audience report which claims that 42% of surveyed customers prefer looking at the products they're considering purchasing on their smartphones or tablets instead of on a laptop. According to the study, 45% of customers also prefer to purchase products in-store instead of buying online.

JiWire surveyed more than 1,300 customers online. Of course, being a mobile engagement firm, they have a vested interest in noting increased use of smartphones for e-commerce, but their report sounds similar to other studies conducted as of late. As mobile apps become easier to use and offer a smoother shopping experience than the conventional web, users will migrate to them. One recent Skava study found that customers like mobile but are turned off by poor mobile retail experiences, and a Parago study found that showrooming is up 400%.

[Image: Flickr user Ian Muttoo]