Instagram Wants To Be The Only App With "Insta" Or "Gram" In Its Name

Instagram is cracking down on connected apps that use parts of its name in their own name.

Instagram has changed its brand guidelines to clarify how third-party apps that connect to its services can reference the Instagram brand itself. In essence they're not allowed to reference the brand at all, because they're not allowed to include the fragments "Insta" or "gram" in their own name.

For example, TechCrunch reports the Luxogram app was sent an email by Instagram advising them to change their name within a "reasonable" time period.

The moves seem clearly designed to protect Instagram's image, and thus indirectly the image of its owner site Facebook, by removing association with apps that it didn't create and thus doesn't endorse. There's some sense in that, and there's something to be said for a third-party app to develop and grow around its own personality.

But it must be remembered that Instagram itself borrows from older brand names owned by Kodak, and tech from Polaroid.

[Image via Flickr user: Lisa Nottingham]

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  • izzataziz

    What if I create an app that calculate weight of people in any instagram's photo.  I would like to call it, kilogram.. because well, obviously.  Now I can't?  Bah, got to scrap the idea.

  • Ola Laurin

    So is Instagram (released October 2010) gonna go after Instapaper (released January 2008)? Or is Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper) going to make Instagram change their name?

  • Kemas Dimas R.

    Never used instapaper before, does it connect with Instagram?

    If it doesn't, no brand name change is required. First sentence of this article is:

    "Instagram has changed its brand guidelines to clarify how third-party apps that connect to its services"