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EasyJet Not So Easy After All: Scenes (And Tweets) From A Customer Service Fail

Fast Company Senior Editor Jason Feifer's hard day with easyJet highlights the power of social media, one airline's customer service problems, and how some employees really feel about working there.

It's no secret that social media has redefined customer service. Companies now have the ability to measure real-time customer response to products and services and promote their successes. Oh, but what's that? They've also lost the ability to hide their failures.

Because everybody is on Twitter.

Enter Fast Company Senior Editor Jason Feifer, who last Friday attempted to board a plane operated by British budget airline, easyJet.

When Feifer and his wife approached the security line with one extra bag in tow, well . . . we'll let the tweets do the talking:

As for getting that refund? easyJet unfollowed Feifer after his last tweet.

When asked for comment an easyJet representative said that they had read Feifer's Twitter page, but were confused about the sequence of events that transpired in Berlin. We'll update the post as we hear more.

[Image: Flickr user Christopher Doyle]

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  • Linda L

    The airlines are making things far too complicated. 
    1. Roll all extras into the price of the flight and be done with it. 

    1. Fewer angry customers/CS calls for surprise 'nickel & dime' issues
    2. Great PR
    3. Less accounting/CS. 
    4. MORE revenue. 

  • Peter Hendry

    Travel light travel bright.
    Send the stuff that you don't need during the journey on ahead by carrier and avoid the luggage crew and queue.
    I can't understand why the airlines don't offer this service as it would allow for more passengers and/ or fuel if everyone only had a shoulder bag.
    Great if you have kids.

  • Nigel Fortlage

    I hear Jason's rant from my own Easyjet experience, we bought 4 legs as part of our 30 day European trip but only used 2 after being burned more than once by Easyjet.

    I also hit their luggage fee's without knowledge of them, over 300 Euro's later we flew to Nice from Paris. It cost 200 Euros for my wife and I to take the train back from Nice to Paris, lost the 60 Euro air fee.

    Knowing the easyjet game we planned for the next time we needed to fly them, when we arrived at the airport we asked if we were on time and would make our flight about 1/2 dozen times and were always reassured we would. We paid our 85 Euros and checked our luggage (we got better on luggage management). By the time we got the gate, a full 12 minutes prior to departure time, they left already and dumped our luggage back to us. They knew we were there as they had my luggage and money, The manager on duty said they can take the money but they can't refund it on site.  I finally got the 85 Euros back (6 months later). This was Rome to Athens flight with connecting flights in Athens, next flight was following day which if I waited could have cost me 1200 Euros in hotel/connecting flight fee's.  We bought tickets on Aaegan Airlines who got us there ontime with no luggage fee's and we made our connecting flight. Cost me 350 Euros for both of us.

    We trashed our remaining tickets and took another airline for one of legs home, saved me headaches and the bad taste that Easjet created.

    That's my easy jet story

  • Klaus

    What exactly did he think would happen when he approached the security line with 'one extra bag in tow'?

    I'm all for calling out crappy customer service. But when someone chooses to fly an ultra-budget airline, I also believe the onus is on the customer to familiarize his/herself with said ultra-budget airline's parsimonious policies. This is the new world we live in. Apparently, this is what the market wants. 

  • Guest

    Had very similar issues with Spirit Airlines in the US. It all seems like a great deal until you get to the airport and find out you have to pay double the fee for your CARRY-ON which was $50 (so, basically unless you're going on a trip where you require nothing at all, you have to pay some sort of fee), a fee to pick a seat even though there was no option to pick seats at the time of booking, you actually even have to pay for water on the plane - water!  So, by the time I was done with my "great deal" on Spirit - and by the way, was delayed 5.5 hours on the way and 2.5 on the way back for the ever popular mechanical issues - I could have paid less for a real airline. All of that coupled with the unbelievably rude customer service and "duh, what did you expect for this cheap rate?" attitude and I will never ever, ever fly them again.

  • Benjyb1985

    Michael O'Leary CEO of Ryanair has been quoted as saying that people still have some romantic idea that air travel is exotic when it's really just a bus service in the sky. I won't deny their customer service (and others like them) is shit but I don't want to pay for customer service, or prebooked seats (get early in queue), or water on the plane (bring your own), or a crap snack, etc... I just want a cheap flight and that's what they give me.

  • Frequent traveler

    Fastcompany using its website to boost the reach of a private issue of one of its staff members... really really low. Anyhow it's quite clear for anyone who has traveled with this airline before that it's not the company's fault, he should have just read their policy. People who board with extra bags are a big problem for the rest of us who follow the rules they should be fined.

  • dang

    it doesn't make much sense..

    easy jet is probably 5 star quality compared to ryanair.. ive flown with them about 30 times never had a problem that even remotly sounds close to this nonesense..sounds like someone just didnt pay attention...

  • Traveller

    What's the issue? EasyJet have a very obvious luggage policy. If you didn't follow it, why are you surprised that you had to pay extra?