People Really Love The Canary Smart Home Security Device

The all-in-one home security device set out to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo and just surpassed $1.2 million. And it still has 12 days left to fundraise.

Imagine you’re out with friends and you get a text: “Looks like there’s movement in your home. Are you expecting anyone?” That’s the goal of Canary, a smart home security device that communicates with your smartphone. Canary will learn the rhythms and patterns of your home and alert your smartphone if it detects anything amiss--from an intruder to a fire. It can sense movement, temperature changes, vibrations, and air quality.

When we featured its creators, Chris Rill, Adam Sager, and Jon Troutman, as contenders for Fast Company’s Most Creative People a few weeks ago, Canary had raised $160,000 on Indiegogo. Now, it has skyrocketed past its $100,000 fundraising goal to over $1.2 million and counting.

One reason for its success is the simplicity of plugging in a small, elegant home security device equipped with sensors, an HD camera, and a microphone instead of installing a complex network of cameras and keypads to keep your home safe.

Early adopters who contribute $199 or more to the Indiegogo campaign in the next 13 days will receive a Canary device by May 2014.

[Image: Leonardo Rech]

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