Jell-O Tries To Prove It’s Still Fun With New Ad Campaign

The iconic brand enlists a cute kid with a hilarious combover to help get its groove back.

Things just haven’t been the same for Jell-O since the days of Bill Cosby and Pudding Pops, but Kraft is trying to jiggle new life into the brand with a fun-focused new ad campaign.

Jell-O’s advertising hasn’t had a revamp since the early 2000s, when it began targeting adults by touting its sugar free products during the Atkins diet craze. But now, healthy food for families—not desserts—is all the rage. To adapt, Jell-O is shifting its focus back to the younger generation with a new ad campaign with the tagline "Fun Things Up."

The campaign’s first push comes in the form of a new ad that shows a father explaining to his son what it’s like to be an adult. Cut to the son, donning a suit and combover, commuting to work and dealing with a nightmare boss straight out of Office Space. After a day like that, Dad says, he needs some Jell-O fun.

With this new strategy, Kraft is hoping to boost abysmal numbers: Last year the company saw a 19% drop in refrigerated pudding, mousse, and gelatin sales.

But Jell-O’s "fun" campaign doesn’t end with kids and families. It is also catering to the coveted college-age demographic with molds (perfect for Jell-O shots) in the shape of popular college sports logos.

[Image: YouTube]

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  • Russ Meyer

    Just because his hair is thinning doesn't mean he has to have a comb over. And maybe he should actually lay off the pudding and lose about 30lbs. What's gross about this ad is that it reinforces that food isn't something you eat for nourishment, but an activity you engage in for entertainment, ostensibly to make up for the drudgery of a life that somehow you HAVE to live?  

  • Chill

    Seriously. It's just Jell-O. What good is a life lived without being able to eat and drink 'for entertainment' occasionally? Are you this judgmental when it comes to other desserts as well? How about alcohol? What are the nourishing reasons you have a drink?

    It's not like they're promoting you to eat Jell-O all the time and sit in front of a TV and get fat. The ad is nowhere near 'gross'... It's just a shame it ain't that funny either. 

    Bring back Cosby.

  • Russ Meyer

    I don't think the problem with obesity and diabetes in this country is caused by people eating for entertainment "occasionally." Anyway, it's my opinion. I'm not being negative for negativity's sake. I'm being critical, in the sense that I’m critiquing a piece of advertising that’s been posted for that express purpose. Ultimately, the theme here IS a big deal. Bigger than just me beating up on poor, defenseless Jell-O. Kraft sells garbage food. To me, that’s provocative and worthy of my derision.  

  • Seeker

    It's not the pudding that's the problem. It's the ad.
    The ad basically says: "You've got tons of problems. You're feeling depressed. Sugar will make it all better."
    It's feeding a lie that eating will numb the hurt... so you're not enjoying eating the pudding because it's fun eating the pudding, but because it makes you forget what's not fun.

    I'd rather eat pudding because it's good or not eat it at all.