Trending Topics

Trending Topics will surface what Facebook users are publicly talking about.

Verified Profiles And Pages

Facebook implemented a verification system for celebrities and large brands that acts a lot like Twitter's, down to the blue checkmark it uses to demarcate verified users.

#Hashtags Hit Facebook

In June, Facebook introduced a hashtag feature. Unlike Twitter's hashtags, you can only see hashtagged Facebook posts if users deliberately make them public.

The Twitterization Of Facebook Continues With Trending Topics

Facebook's new Trending Topics feature acts a lot like Twitter Trends.

Facebook is bringing some users a new Trending Topics feature later today, according to AllThingsD. Sound familiar? That's because it's the latest in a recent string of updates that have been making the social network look a little more like Twitter.

Facebook will start testing Trending Topics today with a small percentage of its U.S. mobile website users. Like Twitter's Trends, it will bubble up the topics lots of Facebook users are talking about at the moment.

Several Facebook updates in recent months have garnered the social network comparisons to Twitter, including a verification system for famous Facebook users that uses blue checkmarks similar to those that appear on Twitter's verified profiles; and a hashtag feature that groups together public Facebook posts that use the same hashtag.

[Image: Facebook]

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