Yahoo Is Redesigning Its Logo, But Keeping The Three Worst Things About It

Yahoo's logo is finally getting a much-needed makeover—but it's keeping its signature purple, exclamation point, and of course, that yodel.

Yahoo is getting a new logo next month, and it will unveil one new logo design a day for the next 30 days to commemorate the occasion, according to an announcement posted to the company's Tumblr today.

Chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt writes:

Over the past year, there’s been a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo!, and we want everything we do to reflect this spirit of innovation. While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo — the essence of our brand — should too.

The monthlong marketing scheme kicks off today with this stripped-down design, which is currently on the homepage:

Yahoo hasn't shared many details about what its new identity will look like, but we do know it's keeping the three most-ridiculed parts of the current logo: The purple color, the exclamation point(!), and that signature, yowling yodel (which isn't actually part of the logo, but is closely associated with it).

Yahoo will unveil its new logo September 4.

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  • Papa

    Christina you will never work for Yahoo! I guess. You could only write about it.. ;)

  • spoonerstreet

    Americans have no idea what a metric fuck is.  Is it something like 3.2 imperial fucks? :)

  • MLE

    I interviewed with them about a year ago and I won a yodeling bottle opener in a trivia contest. It's pretty sweet.

  • Wally Sabria

    A brand doesn't need 30 new logos, it just needs one good one. Why not let the people decide...? Didn't see any mention of crowdsourcing or consumer voting... Maybe they're gonna show us 30 bad designs so we can be all the more excited about the new one! Now there's a launch strategy!

  • Siddhartha Kala

     Its actually a very good marketing strategy. A lot of people would go to Yahoo page everyday for 30 days (or some days) just to see the new logo.

  • Anon

    The website referenced in the Yahoo! Yodel YouTube video (www. alanmarz. com/blog) appears to be bogus/nefarious and trips my anti-virus.  You might want to consider a better source for the Yahoo! Yodel.

  • visioº

    For real?? Please, hire someone that understands branding and logo redesign in you intend to write about it... Insanely amateur and subjective points here. Like it or not (i dont like), thats what makes the Yahoo brand graphically known worldwide, and represent a huge part of whats associated with yahoo on so many other levels. Is there a logo uglier than Google (serif and multicolour?)? Weel, it works.. Same on some aspects of the yahoo logo.You can improve on that, you can evolve from that, you can even leave one of those aspects behind (or two) if you know how to properly and masterfully replace them and their meanings on peoples mind, and obviously if the Glyphs and aesthetic possibilities inherent in the wordmark allow that. But you simply cant dismiss everything that makes yaghoo what it is. Thats just...well.. no words

  • Jackson Gates

    Great comment.  What are your thoughts on Yahoo revealing 30 very different logos in 30 days?  Why is that a smart and/or dumb idea?

  • Richardaked

    It's interesting to put up an interim company mark for such a large company. Is this to cleanse our visual palette prior to the unveiling or will it develop incrementally and be response tested along the way? (would be neat, if you're after the majority vote)

  • memo1115

    They're not keeping the three worst things, they're keeping what has most equity for Yahoo as a brand. It only makes sense to maintain those elements. And yeah, what's wrong with purple?

  • seanlien

    I think the color and exclamation point are the two most iconic things about the mark. The worst thing is that it might end up as a simple sans serif.