Is Someone On Capitol Hill Tweaking Edward Snowden's Wikipedia Page?

An unknown Wikipedia user with a U.S. Senate-affiliated IP address edited Edward Snowden's encyclopedia entry to call him a "traitor."

Just like everyone else, Wikipedia users argue over whether Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, a leaker, or a traitor. One Wikipedia editor tweaked Snowden's entry to call him a "traitor," but the IP address was interesting: It belonged to a U.S. Senate computer network.

In real-world terms, that means the Edward Snowden Wikipedia entry was edited by either a Senate staffer or a Senate member. Talking Points Memo's Hunter Walker notes that the same IP address was used to edit "Wikipedia pages on a line of handguns, an Uzbek city, Persian history, a tiki bar in San Francisco, Washington Post Company CEO Donald Graham, and Mitch Albom's novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven."

So if you know any Senate staffers (or even senators) with an interest in Central Asia, tiki bars, and guns, it's time to do some gumshoe work.

[Image: Flickr user Arend Vermazeren]

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  • moi

    hmm . . . if Mr. Edward Snowden ever came and lied to the US Senate would he be prosecuted for that?

  • SeattleMike5

    Ooh, what a scandal! (not) They should have changed Snowden's Wikipedia page to identify him as "an immature idiot". Whether or not a Congressional staffer changed the page to call him a traitor is irrelevant. After all, they have a right to make changes to the page just as much as anyone else, don't they?

  • SeattleMike5

    I stand by my mocking of this ridiculous article. What happened to this Wikipedia page about Edward Snowden isn't scandalous in the least, and no different than what happens to hundreds of other Wikipedia pages.

  • yeaya

    Sure, if you don't mind your tax dollars paying for your government to sit around on Wikipedia with their taxpayer funded computer.... the least whoever could have done is use their personal computer.  I believe its congress' job to represent us, not think for us

  • SeattleMike5

    I really don't mind. For all we know it could have been an intern. How long does it take to edit a Wikipedia page? Not long enough to cost the sacred "taxpayers" a tiny fraction of the Federal budget. We'll get over it.

  • BongBong

    What a petulant, childish post. "Immature idiot"? Only because of Snowden's leaks to the media are Americans now slightly more aware of the constitutional violations carried out daily in their names. "Freedom" is costly, but giving up those freedoms costs a whole lot more.

  • SeattleMike5

    A person whose screen name is "BongBong" shouldn't be calling other people "childish".

    In any case your reaction is typical of Snowden supporters. Eddie is a fool, because he didn't tell the "American People" anything they shouldn't have already known. The NSA's data collection is passive, not active, and it takes a court order for them to even use it. Besides, the whole thing is overseen by Congress and has been known about -- even debated -- for years. No one, at all, is giving up their "freedoms".

    This article is just profoundly stupid and irrelevant.