Why Aren't People Buying Tablets Right Now? Because Apple Didn't Release One

Call it the Apple effect: No new iPad means dampened enthusiasm for tablets overall.

Without an iPad debut in the second quarter, consumers' enthusiasm for tablets took a dive, with sales plummeting nearly 10%, according to IDC's tablet report released Monday.

Tablet manufacturers shipped 45.1 million units in the second quarter, representing a 9.7% decline from the previous quarter. Of course, quarter-to-quarter sales don't tell the whole story. When comparing these figures to those from the same period last year, it's clear tablet adoption is skyrocketing, seeing a 60% increase in sales from the 28.3 million devices shipped in the second quarter of 2012.

"A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors," said Tom Mainelli, IDC's tablet research director, in a statement. "With no new iPads, the market slowed for many vendors, and that's likely to continue into the third quarter. However, by the fourth quarter we expect new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive impressive growth in the market." Basically, the rising Apple tide lifts all boats, and without an iPad this quarter, no one is seeing a lift.

IDC's numbers show Apple still dominating tablet sales as of the second quarter with 60.3% market share, followed by Samsung at 7.6%, and Asus at 3.3%. Overall, Android makes up 38% of tablet operating systems, a 163% jump year-over-year. While iOS has suffered a 14.1% decline year-over-year, the mobile operating system still runs on 60.3% of all tablets. On Monday, Samsung's market value suffered a $1 billion loss on news the U.S. government vetoed an import ban on some Apple devices.

[Images: IDC, Flickr user Sean MacEntee]

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  • Craig Goslan

    The market is blossoming with new products, yet Apple have killed all their current products with IOS 7. So why would anyone buy an Apple product knowing that any update to that product would render it useless. Apparently Apple updates are mandatory.

  • agenius

    well, everyone's buying tablets, but no one's buying Apple. to paraphrase the joker in the dark knight, and directed at Apple, "let's wind the clocks back a year. These Samsungs and Lenovos wouldn't dare cross you. I mean, what happened? Did your balls drop off? Hmm?" 

  • Below$550AShareIsPathetic!}:-D

    What's this "Everyone who wanted a tablet already has one" nonsense.  Pundits have been using that retarded line ever since the first year the iPad was introduced.  I remember all the know-it-all idiots who said that Apple would have a hard time selling three million iPads the first year because there was no consumer demand for tablets.  D'uh!  Yeah, no consumer demand for Windows tablets.

    Apple has been crushing iPad sales for three years straight and now it's like, the iPad is said to be fading because dozens of Chinese vendors are flooding the tablet market with $100 Android tablets and so it's going to put Apple out of business.  Sure, sure.  Yeah, we all know the story of how Android always wins in market share because the world is made up mostly of consumers who can't afford anything better than the cheapest products available.

  • Robert

    Wait, what?  The last paragraph says "...Apple still dominating tablet sales as of the second quarter with 60.3% market share," but according to the table above that was in 2012.  The table has iOS market share for 2Q13 down to 32.5%.  Which is it?

  • grace

    maybe the buying slowed down because everyone that has a tablet already has one, and the rest is waiting for the 4thgencore tablets to arrive. 

  • Sean M

    Think you're mixing up the numbers a bit and that really... changes the story of this article. 

    The numbers are actually telling a different story. Apple's grip on the tablet market is slipping... fast. 2Q 2012:
    Apple: 60.13% market share2Q 2013:Apple: 32.4% market shareWhen looking at iOS vs Android:2Q 2012:Apple:     60.13 % market shareAndroid:  38.00 % market share2Q 2013Apple:     14.60% market shareAndroid:  62.6% market shareThe bigger story is every manufacturer has posted impressive shipment increases except for Apple. They (Apple) might have a slight impact on tablet interest and sales but at the end of the day at least looking at the data it's a small ripple in the pond.And... for the fun of it... because it's always good to look past at least one report to spot a trend.1Q2012:Apple:    58.1% market shareAndroid: 39.4% market share1Q2013:Apple:    39.6% market shareAndroid: 56.5% market share( http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?... )As for the $1 billion dollar loss, that equates to a change of -0.96% in stock price... if the veto did have any impact it got lost in the noise of Samsung's stock's downward trend lately.