Spinlister lets you rent out your bike on a hourly, daily, or weekly rate.

The project launched in 2011 but has put out its iPhone app, which will make it easier to find bikes near you that suit your needs.

Spinlister emphasizes good bike-rental etiquette.

Search, reserve, and pick up your bike via the new iPhone app.

"Adorable mixte bicycle" being listed by Charity R. in San Francisco. $8 per hour, $30 per day, $150 per week.

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Spinlister, The "Airbnb For Bikes," Gets An IPhone App

The program allows you to rent out your bike at an hourly, daily, or weekly rate.

You're a two-wheel commuter whose bike is in the shop. Or you love exploring new cities from a bicycle, but are too cool to be seen on a brightly branded clunker or cruiser from a city bike share or rental shop. The solution could be Spinlister, which launched in 2011 as a peer-to-peer bike rental service. The website is a near-clone of Airbnb, which allows apartment dwellers to rent out their rooms, but the volume isn't quite there yet—there are about 1,500 bikes listed in a few dozen cities in North America and Europe, anchored by New York and San Francisco. Prices range from $10 to $35 a day.

Spinlister has struggled to get off the ground, but its new mobile app will make it easier to reserve a bike on the go from wherever you might be. Down the road, it plans to add listings for the other bounty found in people's garages: skis and snowboards.

image: Spinlister.com

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