Dude, Where's My Phone? Google Rolls Out Android Tracking Tool

Android users are getting a new way to track their phone and wipe its contents, should it fall into the wrong hands.

Later this month Google will release a service that allows Android users to track their phones down on a map in real time. With Android Device Manager, you will be able to turn on the ringer to find the phone if it's lost. If it is stolen you can actually wipe the contents remotely. iPhone users have long had these capabilities, which is prudent since iPhone thefts are single-handedly[/urldriving up crime stats in cities like New York.

Until the new app is released, victims of smartphone theft can salve their wounds with sweet revenge, like the creator of this [url=http://lifeofastrangerwhostolemyphone.tumblr.com/]Tumblr, who says her phone was swiped on the beach in Ibiza. Because whoever has the phone now, apparently a young man living the high life in Dubai, hasn't turned off the "photo upload" feature via Dropbox, she is posting all his photos with mocking captions.

[Image: Android]

[i]image via Gadgetnews[i]

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  • PaisanNYC

    Your links are all screwed up.  The Tumbr link actually goes to the cbs news story, and you have bad [/url] coding all over this article