Even Microsoft's CEO Knows The Surface RT Tablet Was A Flop

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer all but gave a mea culpa for the troubled tablet at an internal town hall.

How badly did the much-heralded Microsoft Surface RT fail? So badly that Microsoft's CEO gave a mea culpa on stage.

Steve Ballmer told attendees during an internal town hall, "We built a few more devices than we could sell," which is Microsoft-speak for a collective facepalm at Redmond. Ballmer went on to say "we're not selling as many Windows devices as we want to."

The Surface family, which was one of Microsoft's first forays into producing their own hardware outside of the Xbox line, was supposed to turn MSFT into a major tablet player. Instead, Surface has been hobbled by software issues and complaints about the much-heralded keyboards.

[Image: Wikimedia user Jesus Gorriti]

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  • Jonathan Martin

    I knew that Mrcrosoft Surface will fail. Soon after it was announced, I spoke to a very knowledgeable, and mobile app expert friend at Rapidsoft Systems, a major  mobile app development company in NJ to take their first hand feedback. They have developed hundreds of mobile applications on iphone, android and BB, but during my discussion, I was told that they have had no request from any of their client for windows Mobile apps.  That clearly showed a luke warm reception for the Surface.

    Once I knew this, it was pretty clear to me. If a key mobile developer like Rapidsoft Systems  has no request to develop any windows app, it is not going to be a hit in the market. That is what exactly happened.

  • darknessangel

    No, Steve, you didn't build more units that you could market. You RESTRICTED their sale points so hard that the marketing strategy utterly failed!

  • Peter House

    Yup. Love my RT. It has a terrible name and was marketed poorly but it's a great tool. Have not once wished I had a Surface Pro. Well, I do wish I had Outlook but that's coming soon.