L.A. School District Will Give IPads To All 640,000 Students

The Los Angeles Unified School District has made a big pro-tablet decision for the future of its kids' education.

We knew America's second largest school district, in L.A., was committed to buying iPads for its kids. But now it's been confirmed that the initial order for 31,000 iPads was just the tip of the iceberg. By late 2014, the district will be furnishing all 640,000 students with an iPad.

The idea is to prepare children early for what is an increasingly tech-centric world, and also to improve educational experiences and likely reduce the book-carrying burden of the average student.

Apple has long been invested in education, even releasing a special version of its original iMac, the eMac, for student environments. A spokesperson for the district explained its choice came from a unanimous vote and was obvious because "iPad rated the best in quality, was the least expensive option and received the highest scoring by the review panel that included students and teachers." The L.A. school board's promise could lead to income of over a quarter of a billion dollars for Apple.

[Image: By Flickr user Brad Flickinger]

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  • Joseph Hewitt

    They have no idea what they're doing.  Schools do not have full blown IT departments, which they'll also need to spend money on.  They also needs to spend money re-doing all the curriculums around the devices.  There are 40-60 kids per classroom in many LAUSD schools. Why aren't the spending the money on more teachers to reduce that number?  This is an awful idea and just goes to show that they continue to think throwing money at the situation is going to fix it.  

  • The Mind Aware

    Sorry for any garbled posts from this account. Someone hacked my Disqus account.

  • guest

    Maybe teach them to read and write and do math? Also, basic budgeting and other life skills.