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Where Are They Now?

Developers, Now You Can Self-Publish Games On Xbox One

The move comes 24 hours after Nintendo announced it was "not accepting" independent developers from Japan for its Wii U. Coincidence?

An edict has come down from on high at Microsoft's Redmond campus that allows independent game developers to self-publish on Xbox One. The decision reverses an earlier one, which only allowed established gaming firms to put out new offerings. This is the first major announcement from the company since Don Mattrick left for Zynga.

There seems to be an increasing muddle from gaming's big three—Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft—as they scrap over all sorts of issues. Earlier this month, Sony upped the ante on DRM, as it announced that users of its PlayStation 4 would be able to access their games from any console. Are they worried about the arrival of upstarts like Leap Motion, which brings gesture control to your computer, and the Kickstarter-funded Ouya? Possibly. The advent of products like this means that the tri-opoly is virtually dead and buried and that control is coming back to those with the controllers in their hands.

Yesterday, Nintendo said it was "not accepting applications from developers located in Japan at this time." The reason, said the company, which put the kibosh on anyone from the firm's home country making anything for its Wii U console, is down to its licensing department, although no further explanation was given. Are we going to see a U-turn here, as well?

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