Retail's Game Of Thrones

Citizens of these kingdoms know the stakes: You innovate or you die.

The great Amazon warrior tribe is at the wall. To fortify themselves, retailers have settled into seven kingdoms. Hover on each home to see their defensive strategies.

[Map by Lamosca]

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  • Nacho

    This map has a very loose connection to GOT. Walmart as royal kinds landing? cmon. Some companies are not even real or will disappear soon due to horrible client service and exhorbitant prices like True & co. And if the idea is to have the north be e-commerce, then the north should be Amazon (which would match nicely to the size) and the warby park types should be the wildlings beyond the wall.

  • Andrew Coleman

    This concept was pulled from the oven before it had finished baking.  Good seed of an idea, though.