A Carlos Danger parody film poster.

A Carlos Danger parody film poster.

Anthony Weiner's campaign slogan gets a redesign with his new moniker.

This tweet from Business Insider's Paul Szoldra's was meant as a joke, but to voters, and likely comedians, Weiner will be Carlos Danger from this day forward.

Weiner and Carlos Danger become one and the same.

The news could not have been better tailored for the tabloids.

Parody accounts galore.

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#CarlosDanger Just Took Over Anthony Weiner's Campaign

The NYC mayoral candidate's newly revealed sexting moniker will be fodder for late-night comedians for weeks to come. (Get it?!)

On Tuesday, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted to sending explicit photos and text messages to a woman even after he resigned from Congress in June 2011 following similar behavior. The woman Weiner was messaging says their relationship lasted well into summer of 2012. After the news broke, Weiner held a press conference in which he reminded people about his warning that additional messages might come out, but that "this behavior is entirely behind me."

According to recent polls, the NYC voters were convinced that behavior was behind him, too. But after today, it's unlikely they'll ever believe that again. By Tuesday afternoon, "CARLOS DANGER," Weiner's chosen alias during his explicit chats with this woman (known for now as "Anonymous"), was trending highly on Twitter, and the jokes were writing themselves.

"Amanda Bynes arrested on a '5150' for setting fire to a woman's driveway. I hate to say it, but this is a job for CARLOS DANGER!" tweeted comedian Patton Oswalt. "Carlos Danger is now running for Mayor," wrote Paul Szoldra at Business Insider. No doubt the writers for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the headline editors of The New York Post are both expressing their quiet thanks to Weiner for handing them at least a week's worth of easy joke fodder, which will make it nearly impossible for voters to distance Weiner from his sexting alter ego.

In Tuesday's press conference, Weiner said he hopes the people of New York will give him a second chance. "I hope they realize that in many ways, what happened today was something that frankly happened before, but doesn't represent all that much that is new."

From a branding standpoint, if a sexting scandal couldn't kill Weiner's credibility, surely Carlos Danger will.

[Image: Flickr user Pablo Manriquez]

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  • Rahul Sood

    Carlos Danger, amazing, that name has taken on a new life on twitter. Elliot Spitzer is next. You can't hide your dirty past, the internet never forgets.